Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Chapter 6 - Decorative Detail from Shi-sha Textiles

1. Printing with acrylic paint , ink wash over top 2. Rubbing with oil stick,oil pastel and inks.

3. Printed with acrylic and then painted, gold paint on blue and green one. The colour has been altered by computer on the right hand image. 4. Wax crayon and ink

5. The next three are rubbings made with oil sticks, oil pastels and wax crayons on Lotka paper from Nepal



8. As above but on copy paper with ink added.


10. Oil pastels on silver tissue paper, this looks much more effective in real life that in the photo.

11. As above

12. Textured look created by using the same block with different colours - shame about the flash!

13. Printing using acrylic paint, there is a tiny bit of glitter in there somewhere. It is a bit dull but I enjoyed making the background look like an old plaster wall


15. The blocks that I used for the prints and the rubbings - made from string, cocktail sticks, wire,cardboard, a rubber and thick gesso.