Monday, 1 July 2013


It is almost a year since I last posted here and high time to get back to blogging!  I have done quite a lot of work over the past few months but have felt unfocused and found it difficult to know how to progress my stitching.
Last year I went on a course run by Tilleke Schwarz; I like her work and was eager to go on the course but unfortunately it did not work for me and I did not find the course as inspiring as I had hoped.  However I am now working on a large map of a walk I often take across my local common and it is definitely informed by Tillike's style, (not least in its size, 32'' X 20'').  I keep picking it up and working on it for a week or so and then doing something else, it could take a very long time to finish and already many of the things featured on it have changed or no longer exist.  This is the piece that I am working on at the moment , that is why I am showing it first.

I have been continuing with my patchwork/applique pictures and have sold a few more. 

These last two are a bit more abstract, influenced by a sketchbook workshop I did on line with Dionne Swift where circles were the focus.   

I also got into quilts last summer, maybe because they are easy and quick to do when inspiration is not around. I made six in all, incuding a 6 x 7 foot one made up of two inch squares of shirt fabric - nightmare - here are a couple of the ones I made, including the large one!

This is the wrong way round, my husband is behind it holding it up.