Wednesday, 1 September 2010

More Faces, and Resolved Samples Chapter 13.

1. The first photo is the first of my two resolved samples for chapter 13 ( I did 2 because I am not sure that that either quite fits the bill). It is taken from the torn paper portraits as detailed below. I wish that I had used a stronger colour for the couching of the face and also not used white cotton for the machine stitching of the wax marks, but it is only a sample.

2. The strips of fabric machined onto background before the couching. The fabric has become very crinkled because I did not put iti onto pelmet vylene or use a frame, but I think that it looks OK in the final version as it reflects the energy of the source design.

Messing around with the torn paper portrait on the computer
4. Original torn paper design used for the resolved sample.

5,6,7,8,9,10,11. As you can see I quite got into the torn paper portraits!

12. This is my other rsolved sample, going back to the cubist portraits; it uses various types of couching and there is alos a bit of laid work.

13, 14. Design stage for resolved sample number two.