Saturday, 5 December 2009

Chapter 3, module 2 - underside couching +machine samples for chapter 2.

The sample above uses twisted thread made from metalic machine thread, the other two are lurex crochet thread

Traditional underside couching sample worked on linen with silk floss - began at the bottom of the photo and had a bit of difficulty finding the exact same hole to go back into but this got easier as I progressed. The stitching is 1.25" X 2.5"

Underside couching on canvas - this was much easier and I enjoyed doing it. I especially liked the effect on wrong side - hence the second sample

From left to right - Lurex thread couched with blue stranded metallic thread, thin metallic ribbon, greed cotton perle and lurex thread, machine thread with lurex.

Below - cotton perle and lurex .

I found the underside machine couching difficult; it was hard to get enough contrast using the size of the stitch alone. As you can see I had more success with the thick cotton thread in the bobbin than with the gold thread.

Top - changing size of zig zag Bottom - changing position of needle

Automatic Pattern

Attempt a chequered pattern, which I feel lacks sufficient contrast

Below -
Automatic stitch patttern
Last one_
Straight stitch with zig-zag.
All the samples are about 4" X 2 or 3"

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Design Exploration using copy images

Copy of map that I have used elsewhere, with additional crayon markings

Cut and rearranged

Cut and rearranged again, glued to fabric and hand stitched

10.1 Similar process to above, I like the cut copy with lines on and had to stop myself from recreating it with stitches -hence the one below.



Photocopy with additional marks, cut and reassembled, black shapes added to create unity.

Designs using map of Bristol, original copy was flooded with ink and then additional marks made using bleach, paint and crayon. Below, fly stitch added to bring the design together as it reflects the shapes of the rooves (roofs?)

10.6 A couple more designs. I enjoyed this exercise and I like the designs that I came up with; it has given me lots of thoughts about how I can carry the ideas forward. I just need to think 3D item!

Thanks to those of you who gave me tips about placing photos on the blog.