Thursday, 6 August 2009

Design Exploration using copy images

Copy of map that I have used elsewhere, with additional crayon markings

Cut and rearranged

Cut and rearranged again, glued to fabric and hand stitched

10.1 Similar process to above, I like the cut copy with lines on and had to stop myself from recreating it with stitches -hence the one below.



Photocopy with additional marks, cut and reassembled, black shapes added to create unity.

Designs using map of Bristol, original copy was flooded with ink and then additional marks made using bleach, paint and crayon. Below, fly stitch added to bring the design together as it reflects the shapes of the rooves (roofs?)

10.6 A couple more designs. I enjoyed this exercise and I like the designs that I came up with; it has given me lots of thoughts about how I can carry the ideas forward. I just need to think 3D item!

Thanks to those of you who gave me tips about placing photos on the blog.


Karen Eade said...

These are awesome; I especially love the green and the lilac ones. The 'black squares' really pull the pieces together. Karen

Fibrenell said...

I think you've a lot of scope with these designs, to take them further in later modules too - the surface stitching really helps to unify the sections - great stuff.