Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A year of stitching

Last January I decided that I would take time out from the C & G Diploma course; it had taken me over a year to complete module 2; it was taking me longer and longer to do the exercises and my motivation was dwindling.   Rather than following the requirements of a course I decided to stitch what and how I wanted  and to see where that led. I have put some work in two local exhibitions and have sold a couple of pieces.
I have decided not to continue with the C & G course,  but just dip into a short course or a workshop every now and then.
Below is a some of the work I have done during the past year.

These are portraits of my chickens, "The Chicken Supremes!" - Diana, Mary and Florence, which were created as a result of me doing patchwork beasts class with Jude Hill.



Karen Eade said...

Hello Jane
It is good to 'hear' from you again.
Lovely, lovely work: I like the hens very much (of course) and the maps are wonderful. Which blog are you going to maintain - this one or the no direction one?
Best wishes

Fibrenell said...

Good to hear from you and to learn that you are still stitching.
I do love the chickens pieces.
Good luck in the future with your work.

Beth Lea said...

Hi Jane
What truly wonderful work! Congrats on selling those two pieces - I am not surprised, highly covetable items.

Particularly love the chicken, reminds me of Picasso's depiction of cockeralls - oh and those cute cottages too

Looking forward to your next post.
All the best